How to set up your blog in 2019 – Simple and easy way for beginners

How to set up your blog in 2019 – Simple and easy way for beginners

Are you worry about How to set up your blog in 2019, so please read all cortical which is written for you

When you start your blog, you need two things. One of the blogging platforms (for example, you show your words in blogs) the other hosting (especially if you show your words to live) you have to buy both of them together because some of them Blogging is not possible if not.

There are many blogging platforms on the Internet that you can buy (WordPress, Wix, bloggers, webcams etc.) if you want to know them clearly. Please visit similarly, hosting (which includes GoDaddy, Bluehost etc.). All the hosting described are good, but in Start, I will tell you that you’re with Bluehost, Word Press because it will be easier for you at the beginning.

If you want to use Bluehost, click on the Bluehost and if you want to use Godaddy, click on Godaddy (doing so will get you to the link. This is a referral link, so I will get some commissions too).

If you start blogging then start running.

If you allow your budget, you should take action only because it has a lot of security. If you have chosen a Plus or Plus, no matter how much your security plan can pay for $ 1 a month.۔

Click on your green button

The picture may not be the same, but the process is almost identical

Click on the green button to select it

Choose your domain.

On the next page, you’ll be prompted to select a domain. Your domain is your web address. For example, my website is (

If you still do not register your domain, you can apply for your domain.

If you have already purchased a domain and would like to register it, you can register even if there is no reason. It’s very easy to enroll and Bluehost will make its acidity with your account.

If you do not want to do this right then no matter how much you can register it later.

What do I want to do if the domain I want to do is not available

You do not have to worry; you can easily adjust it later. You just click on the button as mentioned below

Protip: You would like to tell me that before you register a domain, you should keep in mind that if you want to buy domains, buy the domain that has no value because it is very difficult to change it later. This is the reason that I ask you to buy from Bluehost because you can buy a good domain from the beginning. After that your blog is set up then you’ll think of your place. On top of the top, you will have to understand how domains are dominated.

How to make a Bluehost account?

On the next page, see how you match the Bluehost account with Google. Keep in mind that your mail address should be what you are using. Because logging information will be sent on this. Let Save it.

Now sliding the package information.

Now choose the one you can pay for advance. Bluehost bills can choose 1, 2, 3, or 5 years. It does not offer monthly payments that you can see. (Those who do this offer double triple you take.) Bluehost is a resin. Right now it’s okay for the web site for your start blog. This is a very good deal that should be owed.

Pro Tip: If you buy one year for a year, then it is a year for a year, but for later it can be very expensive. But if you buy it for three years, you can get a good and reasonable price, which you can still work later. If you allow your budget, then I will advise you to buy it.

Also, ignore the package.

If you do business, do not set it down because it protects the domain and does not show your information to others. I am skipping it because it does not need to.

Note: This is all visible when you take a new domain. If you keep it for later, you can see it again, even if you place it or delete the domain again, you will not see it.

When you submit money now, you will be comfortable for the next 12, 24, 36 or 60 months. It depends on your package. Let’s tell you that 30-day MoneyBack is guaranteed.

Enter your billing information.

Next, you will enter your billing information and you will have to accept the term and condition and then submits it.

Skip-up upgrade special offer.

Once you put billing information, you will be asked for a special offer to upgrade it. I am clicking on the No Thank button for that. All this can be done later.

How to Set Password setting?

After completing your privacy, you will be asked for the Bluehost password to click on the New Password Create button.

Note: This is your Bluehost account password, not a WordPress blog password. You will enter a password press password later.

After setting the password, you will click the login button.

Skip the free theme

Next, Bluehost allows you to use free WordPress. I will tell you that at the moment you skip it then it will be better. This is the reason why I told you to do this that the free themes you use in the theme are not the most updated. And those who have a built-in theme do not work properly.

The themes that are installed together, I will tell you that you can delete them and replace them with a nice theme that you talk to us later on.

Note Your Temporary Domain and “Coming Page”.

This will show you on the next page that your web site has started on the community domain. Not to worry about its normal routine.

If you add a new domain, it usually takes 2 to 24 hours. It automatically shifts your host when it is ready to register. If you have taken an earlier domain or have a domain option later, then you will have to put it later. If you do not know all this, then no matter how Bluehost you have will give.

At this time you do so and start your work on the domain!

If something happens to you that can be very little as a case, you’ll see a Coming Soon page.

If you’ve completely cured your session and you want your site to start filing, you can do this by pressing this button.

Congratulations your site is ready!

Your Bluehost Account has been set up at this place and the Word Press has also been installed (all this has been automatically)

Wow, now you have become the owner of an online website, I am very happy to pray for you that ah

Now you can type your site from anywhere and see it (but newsletters if you are not logged in, you’ll see a cumulative feature if you log in, then you can access its dashboard. Will receive)

Let’s tell you that this is not a very fancy look at this time. You will not be very upset. You are with me; we will be able to give it a good shape.

Click on the Start button to switch to the Word Press next to view the tournament.

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  • If you need a lot of guidance then you can decide which tips to guide you. I am very happy to help you.

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