How to Choose 10 Best Blogging Platform in 2019

How to Choose 10 Best Blogging Platform in 2019

Do you want to start your blog, but it does not know How to Choose 10 Best Blogging Platform in 2019? How do you know what platform we have to do on the blogging? This is a difficult choice because there are many free blogging platform in the world of the Internet, in this article, I will help you choose the best-blogged platforms and will give you information about the most popular blogs.

These are blogging platforms that I will try to explain in this article. If you are interested in a particular platform, you can click on the link to proceed with the article.

  2. Wix
  4. Blogger
  5. Tumblr
  6. Medium
  7. Squarespace
  8. Joomla
  9. Ghost
  10. Weebly

What’s the idea – Choosing the best blogging platform?

Before going to the list, it helps to know which platform you are looking for. Initially, you will be easy to choose a blogging platform which is also easy to set up and does not even require coding skills.

Now you will think about such blogs in the future.

As your blog grows, you want to change the style of your site and want more features to your growing audience. This means that choosing a blogging platform is very important.

Switching with a wrong platform can be very difficult to switch later.

Lastly, if you want to make money in the future, then this choice is very important for you.

Bingers compare them all to decide who to choose them? is very popular software. This software is open source software that everyone can use. This software helps you create your website and organize it well, which you just need to sign up, it automatically performs the rest. allows you to control your website as you want. You can add custom forms, online stores and subscription options to it. Thousands of free and money-free themes that you can use on your website, these themes allow you to work on it and make your website beautiful. So that people can get more. This allows you to use more than 5,500 free plugins. These plugins are the same as mobile phones are installed. These plugins provide you with all kinds of features. The biggest thing is that Word Press is Search Engine friendly, which is very good.

It’s important to have a little knowledge to take care of it and not even remembering a lot of coding. You can also keep your security and backup on it. is free, but domains are offered for $15 and hosting which are at least 8$ a month. Newsdakia can get it on 2$ monthly basis, that’s also good hosting for the


The Wix is a hosted platform that is designed for small businesses to easily create a beautiful website by going through drag and drop. On this, you can easily create a blog by putting a Blog app.

You can customize your web using thousands of customized templates, so you can create a good website without much frequency. As I told you that you can just create a website by drag and drop, it does not even require coding. Its steps are very easy; any human can do it easily.

If you use it freely, it is written by the brand of a Wix and also displays Wix ads. Free apps in other people are also very limited. Once you use a template, you cannot change it again. Features of E-commerce are also very limited, and they also have to buy.

The Basic Wix Site becomes built-in but you add domains to the value of $5 a month. The Wix premium plugins start at $8 and go up to $24. is a wordpress blog service built by It’s free but you can also buy premium features such as custom domain name, additional storage, and more, there are many other amenities you can buy.

It does not require too much setup; it is also easy to manipulate. You have very limited options to expand your site. Advertising campaigns cannot be run on this, you cannot use your own website in your own way if is wordpress hosting violating the terms given by them, and they can suspend the website as well.

On this you can get advertisements for branding $3, which can be earned by yearly money, allowing you to delete their logo and ads, even if you get your custom domain too.

You can get a more attractive design by collecting by $8 /months that are collected together for years, as well as additional storage.

It is also interesting to note that bloggers can make their own blogs on instead of, because of names similar to the names and later they have to switch from this site. I have two separate categories of blogging sites.


Blogger is a Google-based hosting service; originally Google introduced it in 2003. This is a very simple and fastest way to blogging for those bloggers that are not technical.

Blogger is a free site, it’s easy to manipulate for those who do not have technical skills, because it is provided by Google, so it’s a very secure network.

Because they provide free service, they make a very limited circus process. You cannot add more when a blog popular.

The design options are very low and its templates are very small and those who have other people’s templates are very low.

Blogger does not give continuous updates or new features.

Google may suspend your blog or also terminate all the services given. And Google does not warn about doing all this, as it has done many times before, which are examples.


Tumblr is very different from all other blogging platforms; it has micro-blogging platforms with social networking features.

The Tumblr is free and simple, it has social media compounds. And it can be great for videos, photos, and audio formats due to the microblogging tool.

As stated that the Tumblr is a free tool, it has very few features, and it cannot be exported, so it can be successful in its gravity, many themes are available on the Internet. It does not give any special features, apart from it, it is difficult to back up or take it to another platform.

You can buy custom domains for the blog, as well as buy from other parties.


It started in 2012. This platform is good for journalists working on small scale bloggers and also has social network features.

Medium is very easy to use, it does not even need to set up and it does not require any coding skills but you need to focus on writing your own design.

Due to this platform free, its features are very limited in terms of designs or conditions. If you lose the blog, it means you’ve lost all of your audience too. You can not run ads on it.


Squarespace promotes a web site service, but you can easily create a good website on Drag & Drop. It’s OK for small businessmen. It emphasizes small businessmen that they should come and work on it.

Squarespace is a very simple platform which can easily be created as a good website, which is not necessary to learn a qualified language, nor is it necessary to have more technical skills.

There are a lot of features available at Checkout, but cannot create more than twenty pages, one blog, and two partners, apart from a few services and tools. If you have already paid for your previous year, you can buy it by giving $ 12 $ or $ 16, if you want to use it for business then you can get 18 $ to 26 $ monthly.


The way is an open source management system, the Joomla is also an open source, it also works automatically, it also requires a domain and hosting.

Joomla extensively is powerful and flexible and is used to create a website or blog, by using one of the thousands of templates you can make your web site a delicious. It also has many activities that can make you use more features.

Joomla is a very small community from the Community Word Press community, so it has very few themes and is also limited. Supporting tools are also very small and limited, they can also be very expensive if you want to use a paid version. You will also have to do it automatically for backup and updates.

Joomla provides a free service, but requires a domain to have a cost of about $ 15 $, and it also requires hosting, which is about 8 $ monthly if you want to work on Joomla You can begin with the SiteGround, which will cost around $ 4 a month, and it will get domains free..


Ghost is designed for blog posts to write blogs with limited features. It is available as a host platform. With this, it’s a software that you can install. It only needs to be focused on writing, it has a clean, neutral and very cute interface. It’s so fast in JavaScript. It does not require setup.

It’s not so easy to customize. This way it’s very easy, but its features are very limited. There are not even so many themes that you can design in such a custom. Its set is very difficult if you want to do it, for that you have to take a designer out of it.

This is hosted for free, so you need a domain that will get you $15 a year. And hosting will be required $8 monthly. And for hosting it will be $19, giving it a blog that contains 2500 pages.


The web is also a hosted platform. You can easily host your website. Drag and drop can make it a great website for you. There are very few themes that can make your site descriptive and can also enhance its beauty. It is very easy to use, if you do not know to code, you can still create a beautiful website. It’s a fast-growing feature. The web is a free plan but it also lets you buy their services.

Its built-in features are limited. You can not add more features to it. You can use a very little amount of other people’s things. If you want to leave this site somewhere else, you might find it difficult.

As far as its value is concerned, you can buy a weebly plan that can start at $8, which has limited features. If you want to get all the features then you can get them by paying 4$ more.

Our Pick

I understand that WordPress is a good free platform compared to other platforms which have full controle . It’s very powerful. It is very easy to use. It is good to be very easy to use as well as others, that is the reason why I’ll tell you to start working on WordPress because it’s very easy to work on it.

If you like this article and you understand that it can guide others, I would request you to help new bloggers to reach it to others.

If you feel that I should better understand more, then I hope you will guide me.

If you need a lot of guidance then you can decide which tips to guide you. I am very happy to help you to teach about best blogging plateform.

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